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eiConsole 10.13R1
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October 15, 2012
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9.12 R1 Build: r5823

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Data Mapping - Using Templates
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This interface demonstrates how to utilitize Transaction Attributes when transforming documents in the eiConsole, in this example using the filename of the incoming file.

Transaction attribute based transformation may be used when:

  • Data has been stored to a transaction attribute that needs to be utilized in the transformation
  • Data needs to be written from a transformation into a transaction attribute

Core Concepts:

  • Transaction Attributes
  • Data Mapper

How to Run This Example

You should run from the listener by configuring the attached environmental properties file, using the attached document Sample2.xml.

The filename will be written into an element in the outgoing transaction.

This may also be run in the Data Mapper by configuring a transaction attribute, explained below.

How it Works


From the eiConsole, the relevant portions of this particular interface can be found under the Source format. Selecting Edit brings up the Data Mapper. Scroll down to find the "Filename" element.


These can be automatically created by going to the Custom tab in your function palette, and selecting Attribute; "Get Transaction Attribute" will load data from a specified transaction attribute


Specify the name of your transaction attribute and hit "OK" to create a transaction attribute. This can be tested within the Data Mapper by switching to Testing mode, a tab found on the bottom of the screen:


Once the Testing mode is open, select the "Edit Source Attributes" button, which has the following icon in the Testing mode panel:


And it will bring up the following dialog, into which you can create your transaction attribute, as shown:


Execute the test to display the results of this transformation.

How to Use This Example

Download the interface using the Free Download button under the eiConsole Interface logo.

Note: if you are not logged in to the eiConsole, or have arrived at this page via a browser, you will be prompted to login before the interface downloads into your eiConsole "PIE" inbox.

Note: If you have not downloaded and installed a FREE Trial you will have the opportunity to register via a simple process after you click the Free Download button.. Once you are logged in the interface will automatically download into your "PIE" inbox.

Next, download one of the tutorials on this page (from the right column) and walk through it step-by-step. You may check your work against the provided Route (Sample Data).