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Banking, Real Estate, Mortgage
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All Mortgage Applications
The eiConsole IDE is highly recommended to support graphical development of interfaces for deployment to the eiPlatform runtime The eiPlatform is required to run in production interfaces configured using the eiConsole
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May 18, 2011
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eiConsole for MISMO Bundle

The XCS eiConsole for MISMO offers any company involved with real estate transactions, whether it be a lender such as banks, mortgage companies, underwriters, brokers and loan originators specific support for the MISMO standard. These tools have been designed to speed up the implementation of the MISMO standard so its benefits can be realized.

The two major components of the PilotFish Technology integration solution are the XCS eiConsole and XCS eiPlatform:

  • The XCS eiConsole is a graphical configuration tool to enable the creation, deployment, management and maintenance of interfaces on the XCS eiPlatform framework. Configurable stages that comprise an interface include the Listener, Processor, File Specification Editor, Data Mapper, Router, Transaction Monitor, and Transport

  • The XCS eiPlatform is a Java framework (typically) deployed to an application server to support the run-time deployment of the interfaces.

The XCS eiConsole for MISMO

The XCS eiConsole for MISMO offers specific support for the MISMO standard. MISMO XML standards provide a set of common messaging constructs to support core data exchange processes in the Mortgage and Lending space. MISMO has provided a comprehensive Logical Data Dictionary of over 3,000 data fields with definitions relating the source and use of each, as well as transaction-oriented file layouts for credit reports, mortgage insurance bids, flood certifications, and so on.

These include residential and commercial standards for processes including Loan origination, Appraisal, Closing and Servicing. The MISMO stamdard has streamlined workflow, reduced cost, and improved the transparency across the industry. However, the implementation of the MISMO XML standards across heterogeneous systems and entities does not come without challenges and costs. That is where the XCS eiConsole for MISMO fits in.

The XCS eiConsole for MISMO provides an integrated development environment which will facilitate the initial development and ongoing maintenance of MISMO- compliant interfaces.

The XCS eiConsole for MISMO includes:

  • Transaction templates based on the MISMO specifications
  • Drag & Drop data transformation using the MISMO XML Schema (MISMO XSD)
  • A MISMO tutorial with step-by-step instructions for generating a MISMO XML compliant message / interface