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November 30, 2011
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Expedia Hotels Integration Interface Template

Expedia.com is one of the most popular travel web sites on the Internet. It also has localized sites for 21 conuntries. Expedia Affiliate Network Hotel API can provide you with information and availability for over 95,000 hotels and vacation rentals worldwide. Hotel API of the version 3 offers a wide variety of parameters that can target or filter a search for the most relevant list of available hotels.

With this interface template you have no need to implement the integration with Hotels API from scratch.


Using this interface template end user can perform a number of operations against Expedia Affiliate Network API. This interface convers the entire Hotel API of version 3. See details below.

Request Hotel List

Gets a list of all available hotels in a specified city for the dates requested or get a list of all active hotels in a location without regard to dates or availability.

Request Hotel Information

Gets hotel information, amenities list, image URLs, and other data for a specific property.

Location Geo Functions

Using these functions you are able to obtain refined location data for resolving location errors and identifying searchable location names. Alternatively, you can acquire a list of searchable landmarks for a specific location.

Request Hotel Rooms

Finds all available rooms at a specific hotel that are available for booking. Required prior to placing a reservation request in order to obtain the rate key.

Request Rate Rules

Retrieve any additional information about Agency (GDS) rates and rules

Request Payment Types

  • Returns the credit card types accepting purchase with the currency submitted in the reservation selection. Use this request to populate a drop down box of valid credit card and payment types when users place a Merchant hotel booking (prepaid booking).
  • For Agency (GDS) bookings the accepted credit card types for guarantee or deposit are not known unless returned in the hotel information response.
  • If an invalid currency code is submitted, payment types are returned for USD instead of an error. In this way, a result is always returned, and it includes the currency code for the payment types in the list.

Book a Reservation

Places a hotel reservation and prepays for a Merchant hotel booking OR holds a reservation (guarantees) with a credit card for an Agency hotel booking

Request Itinerary Record

  • Retrieve the itinerary to review existing reservation status and itinerary details
  • OR confirm a booking request where the status is unknown
  • OR opt to retrieve a list of itineraries for storing booking records or generating account stats for customer service or local sales analytics

Cancel a Reservation

Cancels an existing reservation.

Next Steps

Everything you need to make this interface work is to set the appropriate data source systems in the interface configuration (by default it is configured to use direcory listener and the transformation from the source format si not defined. You can set any of the existing listeners and perform additional transformations from the data format of your system). Then, you will need to register on the Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN), obtain your credentials (Key, Shared Secret etc.) and set these values to the environment properties of the interface. And that's it! You can use full power of the Expedia Hotel API v3.

Release Details

This is the initial release of the Expedia Hotels Integration Interface Template.